Stop Hating on New Year’s Resolutions


I say this over and over again. Don’t hate on New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been writing about resolutions for years and years because I really truly believe in them. They’re a great way to bring positive changes into your life in a constructive way. I know resolutions sound cliche, but I wholeheartedly believe in them. Maybe it’s because I’m a goal-oriented person and work best under deadline with a clean plan ready for me, but I never feel ready for the new year without a good list of resolutions.

So let’s get down to it. Just make the resolutions.

I literally say this every year, no matter what publication I’m writing for. Make the damn resolutions, make them specific, and make them fun. I’ve had resolutions like, “Rock the updo more,” “Do yoga 3-5 times a week,” “Take the stairs as often as possible,” and “Do 3 Sudoku puzzles a day.” Blah, blah, don’t just say exercise more, actually set a goal. Will you do yoga? Will you go to the gym? How many miles do you want to run a week? Set yourself some fun resolutions as well. Want to mix things up? Watch makeup tutorials to learn new tricks to change up your makeup routine, watch cooking shows to learn how to cook, read the news everyday or every few days to keep up with current events. Find a way to specify what you want to achieve and what resolutions to set.

Don’t fret, don’t give up. You can set New Year’s Resolutions easily. Just think of what you want to accomplish and then figure out how to get there.

Here are my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Write one thing every week
  • Cook dinner from scratch at least once a week
  • Go out more and meet new people
  • Put away $10 each week
  • Spa Day once a week (whether it’s a mani, face mask, or bath)
  • Read a book every two weeks

Here’s hoping 2017 sucks less than 2016 (but for real, cross your fingers I don’t lose it).


Banish Winter Skin Before It Begins

Do I even need to describe what winter does to my skin? Dry, patchy, or even worse, cracked. Your skin feels parched all the time and you don’t even know what to do. As we approach winter and the air gets colder and the wind gets stronger, it’s time to prepare people.

In addition to water, which I feel has made a difference in my skin, these skin products will save my life this winter and the transition until then. I’ve tried to list a mix of cheap and splurge, but trust me, the splurges are worth it.

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An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: From Me, to You

Dear You’s,

I’ve been mourning, seriously mourning for the past couple of days, hell, even on Election night as I watched Hillary Clinton’s grasp on the presidency slowly slipped away. Every day since then, I’ve pulled up a blank post and attempted to write out how I’m feeling, what I’m feeling, but I always ended up at the same conclusion. I was confused, unsure of how to feel or react, therefore I would always delete a post with jumbled up sentences that didn’t fit. It’s hard to describe the way I’m feeling. I’m so upset, but most of all I’m disappointed.

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Voting this Election Day: Nasty Woman Edition


I love voting. Ok, this was my first real time voting, but that’s irrelevant. The last election I participated in was the Obama-Romney 2012 Presidential Election via absentee ballot. I missed out on the cool “I Voted” sticker, the entire voting process, and more importantly, my vote didn’t technically count. This time around, everything was different. Ok, I did early voting, but still. The whole filling in the bubble ballot reminded me of scantron tests. But the entire process felt so…official. It’s also important to note that I didn’t vote in any primary elections because I’m a registered independent voter, if I could vote then, I would.

I’m so happy my first time voting was for this presidential election because it’s so important. It’s bigger than voting Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarian party. It’s about choosing a leader for the next four years of our country’s history. A leader that will guide us and continue to protect us. A leader that will pave a better future for us for generations to come. This election is just the beginning of a lot of work our country has to do.

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Getting to those Grown-Up Goals

Let’s face it, adulthood scares the shit out of us. Whether you’re just becoming an adult (turning 18, graduating college, paying credit card bills, etc.) or have been living the adult life for some time, every day is still scary. Adulthood hits people at different times. You can be an adult at a very young age if you’re making adult decisions like where to live, how to make ends meet, or if you have to become the parent to younger children. There is no exact age when you become an adult, alright fine, the law says 18, but that’s irrelevant. For me, being a grown-up, a real adult means you know how to make the right decision for yourself and you know how to plan for your future. Your plans don’t have to be perfect because let’s face it, when is life ever perfect?

We all know that I love me some to-do lists and goal lists, so I decided to make a list of 10 grown-up goals because, why the hell not? Continue reading

The Importance of Having a Thick Skin

Today I wanted to bring something up that I’ve been battling my entire life. I have a thick exterior, I can take hits and rejection 99% of the time. Maybe it’s not the healthiest, but I’ve learned that not everything is rainbows and unicorns. Not everything will work out the way you want it to. I call myself a realist, you can choose pessimist if you want. In this day and age of bullying, your bullies can be halfway across the world, they might not even know who you are. Bullies suck, I think everyone can agree on that. But the rejection that usually hurts the most? Job or internship rejection.

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Re-Opening of the National Gallery of Art-East Building


Introducing a crowd-favorite! This giant blue chicken sculpture sits atop the balcony level of the Smithsonian’s newest renovation. The National Gallery of Art East Buidling re-opened this past week and it’s better than ever. It’s filled with beautiful, carefully constructed galleries of well-known, famous artists, and ones that fit in seamlessly. I stopped by over the weekend out of curiousity, and what I found was more than love, it’s enough to make me move in. Is that possible?

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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes


I love Glossier. Love, love, love everything they make. In one review about their newest products, The Supers, three new serums tailoring to your skin’s ever-changing needs, the writer says that Glossier could sell trash and their cult-like following would make it sell out. While I don’t own everything on their site, I still find myself craving every product they make, even if I have a favorite of my own that I already use. Glossier is one of few companies that harnessed the power of social media before they had any products, they’re one of few companies that has been able to cultivate this kind of following. Seriously, what can’t they sell?

The Supers are made up of three super potent serums that target your skin’s different needs: acne and redness, dry and roughness, and dullness and tired skin. Before Glossier even announced The Supers, I was in the market researching different serums. As I’ve gotten older and more interested in taking care of my skin, I realized there was a gap in my skin care routine: serums. Cue Glossier, it’s as if they read my mind. A few days later, teasers and hints swirled the Internet and I was hooked before I knew anything about the product. The day they were released, I woke up, sat up, and pulled my laptop onto my bed so I could order my own dose of these magical vials. And now here we are.

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Feelings, Emotions, and All That Gross Stuff


It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have trouble expressing how I truly feel. I’m your girl if you need an opinion on an outfit, job, school, real life advice, but relationships and love? Steer clear. However, I think my friends who come to me for relationship or love advice do so because they know I’ll be real with them and I’m not full of sunshine and rainbows and daisies. I know life can suck sometimes and you have to just roll with those punches. But still, I’m not the one who has Pinterest boards full of wedding ideas, I’m not the one who has planned her wedding since she was a little girl, I never pictured, really pictured, myself walking down the aisle, hell, I never pretended to do so when I was a little girl. Maybe this speaks to more about the type of individual I am and grew up as, but I think it also matters. Feelings, emotions, love, not for me.

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Stop Calling Brock Turner Anything But a Rapist


A criminal who needs no introduction as of late, Brock Turner. About three months ago, at the beginning of the summer, Turner circulated through news cycles. After raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University, where he attended, Turner was only sentenced to six months in jail and wasn’t even convicted of rape. After serving just three months in jail,  Turner is back in the news today, Friday, September 2, 2016, he has been released for “good behavior.”

When more than thousands of people read the letter his victim (I prefer to call her a survivor) read to Judge Aaron Persky and the jury, the letters Turner’s parents wrote pleading the Judge to not punish their son for “20 minutes of action,” and even Vice President Joe Biden’s letter to the survivor, Turner was still referred to as the Stanford swimmer, Stanford student, All-American swimmer. His mug shot did not circulate until he was already convicted, instead his Stanford picture was shown. Instead of going back into the double standard that exists because he is a white male from a middle-class family, let’s get into how time and time again, people, the media, and everyone refuses to call Brock what he is. He is a rapist.

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