The End of an Era (or 2 Years)

After a little over two years, my time at Gap, Inc. has come to an end. Like most college students, I got a retail job for some extra cash and to keep myself busy during the summer. Two years later, I was promoted to visuals associate and treated as a manager by the entire staff and learned more than I could have ever thought. I’m a little sad to see these two years end, but I’m more excited for my future than ever.

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Social Media is Actually a Skill

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.40.13 AMI recently wrote an article for InternMatch‘s Student Blog about Social Media. Social Media is such a valuable skill for any intern no matter what field you are going into. We are in a digital age now. In order to keep up with technology and make yourself most marketable, you need to diversify your skills and keep them sharp.

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The F-Word

There’s an F-word that has been more sacred in today’s society than the one you’re thinking of. This word is scary, and has the power to drive all types of people away. The word is feminism. According to the dictionary, feminism is “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to men.” That’s a great generalized statement, but let’s dig a little deeper.

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A Way Within the Law

Hi all!

I’ve written a blog post about one of the best internship experiences I’ll probably ever have at the EEOC. It would mean a lot to me if you read it, shared it, or let me know what you thought of it! If it gets enough reads, I’ll win a contest, but as long as you gain something from reading it, I’ll already be a winner in my mind!

Let me know what you think and check out other posts on! It’s such a helpful website, go and search around it!

Hope you’re enjoying the spring wherever you are!

Read the article here.

xxx, emily

32 Thing Only My Best Friends Understand

A little collage from my Freshman days.

It gets a little crazy, it gets a little wild, friendship stands, no matter, all worth the while.

I love these numbered articles that have been circling the internet lately (shoutout to Buzzfeed for their unlimited supply). The ones that really strike me are the ones that have evoked some kind of emotion or memory. These, to me, are priceless and something that my best friends and I (no matter at what point in my life we were best friends) will always remember.

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Back to School!

Winter break is over and I find myself back in my dorm, getting ready for another semester of college. I could easily stress and share with you all of the stressors in my life, but I don’t want them to affect you too. (Kidding, not really)

First I want to talk about the shootings and killings at the Mall in Columbia in Maryland. I actually work at that mall, and the shooting occurred during my regular shift. Thankfully my last shift at the mall was Thursday since I only work during the school year, but it was still scary. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, mall go-ers, and my co-workers of course for having to go through the traumatic experience. Thankfully the shooting wasn’t near my store and my co-workers were able to evacuate before the mall was locked down. This event hit so close to home for me, which is why I’m taking it so hard. It wasn’t luck that I did not have to work, but still makes me feel lucky that I didn’t have to go through that. Events like this make me thankful for my life, the people I know, and everything that I have. Life doesn’t last forever and this was a reminder of that.

On a less serious note, I’m excited for another semester at school with my friends and to learn more! Knowledge is a powerful thing, and I happen to love learning as much as I can (nerdy, yeah).

Good luck to everyone who beginning school again! Make your semester count and have fun in between learning!



New Year, New Blog

Hello all!

I have like 3 followers, regardless, I’ve decided to make this my permanent blog! It began as the home of my Advanced Argument English class project this past semester, but I really enjoy writing about fashion trends for women and the difference in opinion between men and women. I have decided to go further than that and post things relevant to my life such as current events, any kind of trend, lifestyle posts, and updates on my life. I will try to post once a week, but this is one of many projects I have under my belt this new year.

With that in mind, if you want to read anything, want me to review anything, or have suggestions on where I should start, I’d love to hear!

I look forward to pursuing this project and finally establishing a place for me to write!

Happy 2014,