Look Put Together with 3 Simple Tricks

3 tricks

With the hustle and bustle of life, how does one look cool and collected at all times? It’s not that hard, trust me. It doesn’t require waking up three hours before necessary, products on products, or lavish shopping sprees. All you need are a few things, a little nip and tuck here, a pop of color, and voilà! Stick with me kid, I got you.

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The Loves of My Life: These NYFW Designers


Let’s get honest here, NYFW is my favorite, favorite, favorite, time of the year. Spring, Fall/Winter, I don’t care what season it is. I’d love to be in New York during the shows, let alone attend an actual show or showcase. Fashion Week is my favorite art exhibit, these magical creatures (models) strut their stuff in works of art. (Have you seen some of these pieces, they’re literally hand assembled: ART). Let me settle down now and show you some looks by my favorite designers, the ones I set alarms for so I could watch live streams of their shows, that’s not even an exaggeration. Shoutout to the official NYFW app for making it happen.

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Trending on Campus


Colleges are a great place to try out trends and to spot what could be the new “it” look. With so many different personalities, you will get to see so many different fashion styles. I’m inspired by seeing what different kinds of people wear.

Once in a while, you’ll see one specific trend hitting a majority of the campus. Flannel and combat boots were the most common trend that I saw everywhere. They can be worn in different ways and are adaptive to each fashion style.

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NYFW Trends

Also, I’ve written an article for Tote Mag about the Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week that took place a few weeks ago and highlighted my three favorite trends.

Fall happens to be my favorite fashion season, and fashion happens to be one of my favorite things in the world. What were some of your favorite trends from this installment of fashion week? What is your favorite season to dress for? Let me know in the comments!

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Punk is back, Alright?

The punk trend has taken over the runway (Photo Courtesy of Fashionising.com)

The punk trend has taken over the runway (Photo Courtesy of Fashionising.com)

The rock star rule over leather, studs, boots, and rips is coming to an end as the punk style is spreading beyond nights onstage to days in the city running errands. Instead of the coveted look being only for those of the punk type, anyone can join in, but now with a glam punk rock hit as a new fashion trend.

The punk rock star lifestyle is stereotyped as one of babes and booze, unfaithfulness, and gallivanting around cities. The side of the rocker life that people do not see is the sleepless nights, countless hours on the road, and the constant pressure from people all across the world. Leather jackets, tattered tees, soft flannels, ripped jeans, heavy boots, dark makeup, and a ‘I hate everyone’ attitude may describe the rocker attitude, but there’s a way to dress the part without having to act upon it. The lifestyle isn’t attached to the style, but it doesn’t hurt to play a little dress up sometimes, right?

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Peplum for All

The peplum trend on the runway, more avant-guarde than what we see in stores. (Photo Courtesy of Fashion Tag)

The peplum trend on the runway, more avant-guarde than what we see in stores. (Photo Courtesy of Fashion Tag)

When peplums are mentioned, both sexes tend to be confused. Not everyone is fashion savvy, especially when a word like peplum is concerned. According to freedictionary.com, peplum is “a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc.” Peplum has found its way into the closets of women everywhere as skirts, dresses, tops, etc. Peplum is an easy way to dress up a simple outfit with one touch. Instead of a jeans and t-shirt comfortable outfit, a peplum top and jeans is dressier, but still comfortable. Today, it seems that price and comfort level are high factors in deciding on purchasing clothing items. It’s not difficult to find cheap peplum items from stores like Target or Forever 21, or if you want better quality, well-made items, stores like Express and Nordstrom. Continue reading

Menswear Not Just for Men?

Menswear on the runway, with a femme twist.

Menswear on the runway, with a femme twist. (Photo by: Elle)

Fashion trends mean different things for women and men. Some women see fashion as their life, while others see it as an unnecessary expensive world. This is similar with men, fashion differs based on the person. Women and men show diversity in the trends they accept and decline, and how they choose to follow and perceive them. Trends mean different things to different types of people, but especially differ in the minds of men and women.

The trend of menswear has found its way in and out of the fashion world for years. Parts of menswear have become a staple for business and career women today. Blazers, trouser pants, constructed blouses or dress shirts, and tuxedo shoes have been adapted from menswear styles that women currently use for their jobs to look professional.

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