Voting this Election Day: Nasty Woman Edition


I love voting. Ok, this was my first real time voting, but that’s irrelevant. The last election I participated in was the Obama-Romney 2012 Presidential Election via absentee ballot. I missed out on the cool “I Voted” sticker, the entire voting process, and more importantly, my vote didn’t technically count. This time around, everything was different. Ok, I did early voting, but still. The whole filling in the bubble ballot reminded me of scantron tests. But the entire process felt so…official. It’s also important to note that I didn’t vote in any primary elections because I’m a registered independent voter, if I could vote then, I would.

I’m so happy my first time voting was for this presidential election because it’s so important. It’s bigger than voting Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarian party. It’s about choosing a leader for the next four years of our country’s history. A leader that will guide us and continue to protect us. A leader that will pave a better future for us for generations to come. This election is just the beginning of a lot of work our country has to do.

Things to know about me: I’m an independent, a feminist, a journalist, and
I need to know all sides of the story. Initially I became an independent voter because I wanted to be a journalist, I needed to be impartial. After deciding I did not want to pursue that career, I enjoyed the whole idea of being an independent because it played to my thirst for knowledge. I like knowing all sides of the story, I like knowing all the facts, and I like to analyze everything. Yes I have views that align progressive, yes I’m a feminist, but just because some of my views align with the democratic party doesn’t mean that I have to declare myself as a part of that party. Another thing to know about me, I love Hillary Clinton. I won’t lie about it. I’ve admired her for a really long time because she was a strong, powerful woman married to a powerful man, but that wasn’t the most important thing about her. She didn’t let her marriage to a powerful man hinder any type of career she wanted to lead. I love her because she taught me along with hundreds of thousands of young women that the glass ceiling was there for us to break.

Regardless of my admiration of Clinton, I was determined to be impartial throughout this election cycle. I watched every single debate, I read the literature, and I listened to all of the candidates. I never made a definitive decision on a candidate until the two party candidates were determined. There are things I enjoyed about both sides of the table, maybe some more than others, but there is one thing I know for sure. I could never bring myself to vote for Donald Trump. (Clearly, I’m going straight to the point here) It’s more than just voting for one party over another. It’s about being able to live with myself after this election. I’m completely disgusted with Trump, his campaign, and sadly his supporters. It terrifies me that there are people who believe the things that come out of his mouth. This election has torn me down, it has worn me to my bone, it has made me weaker than I have ever wanted to be. Trump is able to say disgusting things about women, different races, incite violence, and do all the horrible things he’s done with little to no consequences. What kind of person is allowed to do this? When people call him a demagogue, it disgusts me. He doesn’t deserve to be held to this standard, he needs to answer for all the wrong he has done.

Worst of all, this kind of violence and talk has normalized the culture we are so trying to change. Listening to not only his supporters, but just people on TV talking about how bragging about groping a woman by her genitals is “locker-room talk” is so insulting to men, not only women. It attacks the core of my very being. This shit is not ok. I’m tired of people trying to reason the things he says. It’s not ok, nothing is ok about Donal Trump. He has completely lost my respect, not that it matters to him. He doesn’t understand the role of President of the United States, and most of all, he doesn’t deserve it. He has done nothing for me and the people I love.

This election is about the future. We have done so much in the past eight years, and we still have so much work to do. The United States that I see in the future is one that isn’t led by Trump. It also isn’t the United States that Trump can achieve because it’s not in his plan. I’m a nasty woman because Donald Trump isn’t the person I want to represent my future or the person that I want to represent the United States that I believe in.

Vote. It fucking matters more than ever because you need to decide what kind of world you want to live in. The bigger picture is there, you need to take it. ALSO, please do research about your representatives on the state and local level. They make real change happen, more than your President, because it will impact you.


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