Banish Winter Skin Before It Begins

Do I even need to describe what winter does to my skin? Dry, patchy, or even worse, cracked. Your skin feels parched all the time and you don’t even know what to do. As we approach winter and the air gets colder and the wind gets stronger, it’s time to prepare people.

In addition to water, which I feel has made a difference in my skin, these skin products will save my life this winter and the transition until then. I’ve tried to list a mix of cheap and splurge, but trust me, the splurges are worth it.

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An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: From Me, to You

Dear You’s,

I’ve been mourning, seriously mourning for the past couple of days, hell, even on Election night as I watched Hillary Clinton’s grasp on the presidency slowly slipped away. Every day since then, I’ve pulled up a blank post and attempted to write out how I’m feeling, what I’m feeling, but I always ended up at the same conclusion. I was confused, unsure of how to feel or react, therefore I would always delete a post with jumbled up sentences that didn’t fit. It’s hard to describe the way I’m feeling. I’m so upset, but most of all I’m disappointed.

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Voting this Election Day: Nasty Woman Edition


I love voting. Ok, this was my first real time voting, but that’s irrelevant. The last election I participated in was the Obama-Romney 2012 Presidential Election via absentee ballot. I missed out on the cool “I Voted” sticker, the entire voting process, and more importantly, my vote didn’t technically count. This time around, everything was different. Ok, I did early voting, but still. The whole filling in the bubble ballot reminded me of scantron tests. But the entire process felt so…official. It’s also important to note that I didn’t vote in any primary elections because I’m a registered independent voter, if I could vote then, I would.

I’m so happy my first time voting was for this presidential election because it’s so important. It’s bigger than voting Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarian party. It’s about choosing a leader for the next four years of our country’s history. A leader that will guide us and continue to protect us. A leader that will pave a better future for us for generations to come. This election is just the beginning of a lot of work our country has to do.

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