Getting to those Grown-Up Goals

Let’s face it, adulthood scares the shit out of us. Whether you’re just becoming an adult (turning 18, graduating college, paying credit card bills, etc.) or have been living the adult life for some time, every day is still scary. Adulthood hits people at different times. You can be an adult at a very young age if you’re making adult decisions like where to live, how to make ends meet, or if you have to become the parent to younger children. There is no exact age when you become an adult, alright fine, the law says 18, but that’s irrelevant. For me, being a grown-up, a real adult means you know how to make the right decision for yourself and you know how to plan for your future. Your plans don’t have to be perfect because let’s face it, when is life ever perfect?

We all know that I love me some to-do lists and goal lists, so I decided to make a list of 10 grown-up goals because, why the hell not?

And here we go:

  1. Figure out a financial 10-year plan
  2. Go on trips with friends (adult spring break?)
  3. Move to a new city 
  4. Find a way to be financially stable (and stop binge-shopping, there’s a difference between treat-yo’self-day and receiving 5 packages a week)
  5. Own a Birkin Bag (or a Céline will do)
  6. Actually find the best white tee (cause who wants to settle?)
  7. Wear lipstick during the day and feel comfortable doing so
  8. Have a go-to grown up drink (even though I love you so, Yuengling)
  9. Keep a plan alive for at least 1 year
  10. Be happy with my life and challenged by my career

A couple of my goals include figuring out myself and my situation financially. As I apply for jobs and stare blankly at the salary range box, I’m silently (and not-so-silently) cursing at my high school for not teaching me anything about salary or financials. Hell, I never learned how to balance a checkbook  from school. I know I’m definitely not alone in this because many young adults struggle with figuring out their financial situation, and even worse, post-grad they’re left with thousands of dollars in student debt and credit card bills up the wazoo. How are we supposed to have a good credit score with all of that working against us? Another point! Credit score? What is that? That’s where Personal Capital comes in. Trying to figure out your net worth? They’re got a calculator for that. Need to put together a financial plan for the future, especially planning for retirement? They got that too. It’s honestly never too early to plan for these kinds of things. Clearly, I love planning, I’m the girl with a backup plan for her backup plans. The best part about all the tools on their site? They’re all free, so save all those pennies you have.

Some of my goals may be more practical than others, I will own that Birkin/Céline bag, though, but they’re goals that I would like to slowly check off in the future. Adulthood should scare you, but it should also excite you, that’s what I’m trying to get at. Maybe you won’t be in your college apartment having parties, playing Mario Kart, or crushing the flip-cup competition, but you’ll be doing an adult variation of that. Save your vacation days and meet your friends on a far away adventure, or save up for a stay-cation of your own. Being an adult means you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself and that you can make your own decisions. Have fun while still being responsible, as contradictory as that may seem.


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