Not All Superheroes Wear Capes


I love Glossier. Love, love, love everything they make. In one review about their newest products, The Supers, three new serums tailoring to your skin’s ever-changing needs, the writer says that Glossier could sell trash and their cult-like following would make it sell out. While I don’t own everything on their site, I still find myself craving every product they make, even if I have a favorite of my own that I already use. Glossier is one of few companies that harnessed the power of social media before they had any products, they’re one of few companies that has been able to cultivate this kind of following. Seriously, what can’t they sell?

The Supers are made up of three super potent serums that target your skin’s different needs: acne and redness, dry and roughness, and dullness and tired skin. Before Glossier even announced The Supers, I was in the market researching different serums. As I’ve gotten older and more interested in taking care of my skin, I realized there was a gap in my skin care routine: serums. Cue Glossier, it’s as if they read my mind. A few days later, teasers and hints swirled the Internet and I was hooked before I knew anything about the product. The day they were released, I woke up, sat up, and pulled my laptop onto my bed so I could order my own dose of these magical vials. And now here we are.


Just had to add this casual gif. These serums are aptly named the Supers for their packed formulas and amazing results. Like Elsa, they don’t need a cape or any fancy packaging cause less is more, am I right Glossier? No need to gush over the amazing minimalistic packaging that Glossier does cause it’s flawless and speaks for itself.

Serums are an important part of your skincare routine because they’re packed with nutrients and vitamins essential to your skin’s needs. They should be applied before moisturizer and after cleansing. An important tip is that you shouldn’t rub it on, but pat it into your skin so it’s absorbed.


First up, Super Pure. This pretty little thang is niacinamide and zinc serum to calm breakout-prone skin and redness. While this one doesn’t have the thickest formula of the three, I don’t find it hard to pat it in at all. Some reviews note the liquid-ness of the serums but I don’t see that as a downside. Compared to some skin products, the serums absorb quickly and don’t make me feel like there’s a film of any kind leftover on my skin. I can pat my skin and it feels normal and like there’s no product on at all. A little dab here, a little dab there and 3-4 drops later, I’m done! My skin is always breakout-prone so I’ve been using this one a lot recently. It’s so lightweight and I love how I can see the redness fading away after it’s absorbed.


A lot of people have been excited for Super Glow because who doesn’t want to be glowy all the time? Pregnancy glow without the actually pregnancy? Sign me up! This serum is packed with vitamin C and magnesium serum to brighten and energize dull and tired skin. I’m not really ever too concerned with whether or not my skin is glowing or dewy, but before events or a night out I apply this serum to make me shine. This serum is the wateriest of the three so be careful when you apply it!


The thickest of the three, Super Bounce contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 serum to ease and soften tight, rough skin. I use it at night when my skin’s feeling rough or dry as an added bonus to my moisturizer and I wake up with butter soft skin. It’s nice because it almost has the texture of a gel moisturizer, but it literally sinks right into your skin.

All three serums are so absorbent, it’s incredible. I didn’t think it would take a matter of seconds and minimal patting for them to sink it, but really that’s all it took. Unlike moisturizers or creams, they dissolve into your skin and then they’re literally gone. You know they’re going straight to work because you can see the difference in your face.


10 points to Glossier, once again. Not only for super effective products, an adorable package, and all around good looks, but for providing a skin care line that focuses on making my skin look good and healthy without any gimmicks, special treatments or any makeup. That’s a brand I can get behind. PLUS it’s affordable and they don’t test on animals. Something that won’t cost me an arm and a leg or hurt the little bunnies? I’m a customer for life.


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