How Highlights Changed My Life (No, Seriously)



Apès highlights & blowout


I know what you’re thinking, how high-maintenance, frivolous of her. I promise, it’s not what you’re thinking. A little hair dye and bleach did more than just lighten my hair and change up my look, it renewed my confidence and made me feel fun again. It was more than lightening my hair, it was a new outlook in life



Post summer locks.


I’ve always been a little afraid of changing up my hair aside from a snip her and there. I’ve always been especially afraid of lightening my hair, I had a lifelong fear of being blond. Yet here I am, with streaks light enough to be blond. Changing my hair up was a big move for me. I’ve done ombré before so I’ve gone lighter, but in a different way. Then, I went with a brownish red. This time, I went for a brown balayage thus lightening my hair to a lighter brown that transitioned to brown-blond because of all the sunlight.

Going lighter lifted something dark away. It brought some playfulness to my life, something I desperately needed. The lighter my hair got, the more worried I got because of the change. The funny thing is that the summer I went lighter, I really didn’t get outside much. I worked in a cubicle during the week, worked in the mall during the weekend. The most sunlight I got was walking to and from the metro and driving in my car during my commutes. Needless to say, the sun found it’s way and gave my locks a glow.

I know they say blondes have more fun, but don’t all hair colors have fun? I’ve definitely had fun in my various hair colors, but going lighter had a different effect on me. My old manager told me the highlights made me look approachable and nicer, it was a joke obviously and a stab at my naturally dazzling demeanor.



Apès highlights & blowout

I think any major change, physically or emotional has the power to impact your life in a great way. Whether I’m changing my major, changing my state of mind, or highlighting my hair, everything has an effect on my life. The highlights were more than just a simple decision to change my hair, but something I wanted to do to show a different side of myself. A side of myself that I certainly did not know I had, but I’m glad I’ve found it. I probably won’t stay in this hair color for long, but it’s been one hell of a ride. And it’s also inspired me to stay relatively light with my hair color.

Alright, I’m done talking about my hair now. Go out there and experiment, push your boundaries, and have some fun. Do something you’ve never done before or something you never thought you would do. The things that scare you often are the best things for you.



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