Body Positivity, Love for All, that’s what Firefly 2016 was All About


Oh my, oh my, firefly just flew by! (sorry) As an early graduation present to myself, I bought Firefly 2016 tickets! First of all, that lineup was bomb (Blink-182, TDCC, Jack Garratt, Florence & the Machine, Grouplove, Death Cab for Cutie, the Wombats, and basically everyone I could ever want to see all in one place). Second of all, all my friends wanted to go and what an amazing experience it would be for all of us.

With music festivals comes festival fashion, AKA the boho/hipsters/flower crowns, high-waist shorts etc. I don’t even need to describe it because you know what I’m talking about. What you don’t know about festival fashion at Firefly is that no matter what your body type is, everyone dressed how they want not how they feel people want them to dress.

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These are a Few of my Favorite Things


This year I’ve been getting into real beauty products. Real meaning they cost more than $5 and last longer than drug store brands. As a result of many “treat yo’self” days and splurges and sales, what you have here is the best of the best, my personal favorites.

I think it’s so important not only to splurge a little, but to get items that will last long and will be worth their price. There’s no point in spending over $50 for a product that has the same results as a $12 version. With that being said, some drugstore brands are better than their expensive counterparts. I use plenty of drugstore brands that I prefer over higher end products, and believe me I’ve shopped around. The products I’ve shown are a mix of splurge and well-priced buys (ok, and 1 steal).  Continue reading

Summertime (Coffee) Brews

the best coffee in life is strong

There’s nothing I love more than a good, strong iced coffee. I’m one of those crazies who drinks iced coffee year round, no matter what the temperature is. It’s my favorite, favorite, favorite part of warm weather because fun versions of iced coffee come out to play.

Yes my friend, there are different types of iced coffee. Prepare to be wowed.

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