Back to the Start

Everyone returns to their roots eventually. Your roots could be a place, a type of food, an old interest, etc. My roots have always been pen and paper. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing things down. Notes, journal entries, poems, stories, songs, writing anything and everything that I could. I would write so fast to try and keep up with my train of thoughts. I used to love writing, like really love writing. It helped me remember the good and the bad. It helped me learn from the past and grow stronger. Writing has always been my kind of comfort food. Nothing makes me feel better than curling up with paper and pen.

I used to write daily. I used to write everything. I have countless journals filled with poems and songs, story ideas and short stories. I have folders filled with my novels. But what happened? Why did I stop? It’s been about 3 years since I have actively written anything. But here I am, returning back to my roots because back then, I was so in tuned with myself and who I wanted to be. All I want is to go back there and I figured out how.

My new pet project (as if I don’t have enough to do already) is to write one thing every day. I’m 5 days in so far and it’s going pretty well. The first couple of days went well, but then I found myself stuck. What was I to write about? I felt frozen until I remembered an old practice I used to use when I was stuck. I thought about a happy memory, then a sad memory, then a memory that made me feel hopeful. That influx of emotions and feelings got me going and here I am.

Writing doesn’t have to be good always. It’s about practice and progress. You keep writing no matter what. Like writer’s block, this allows your writing to continue so you don’t lose time or focus. What I’ve written so far definitely isn’t my best, but it’s not my worst either. I’m just getting back into the swing of things so this is a growing period.

This is like a mental warm up. I’d love to continue my writing and even take it a step further and hopefully someday get published. Stretching my brain muscle through continuous writing is activating all this muscle memory. Weird I know, but I really think it’s true. Practicing all my writing has kind of reactivated the creativity within me. So here’s hoping something good comes out of this!

Write on, people. Write, on. If you would like to join me or try your hand at writing, try writing one thing (a poem, verse, anything) everyday. Save them all and review them every two or three weeks. You will see progress. Don’t limit yourself on what you can or cannot write about. Write about what you see. What you feel. What you see someone else feeling. Write about anything.


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