Look Put Together with 3 Simple Tricks

3 tricks

With the hustle and bustle of life, how does one look cool and collected at all times? It’s not that hard, trust me. It doesn’t require waking up three hours before necessary, products on products, or lavish shopping sprees. All you need are a few things, a little nip and tuck here, a pop of color, and voilà! Stick with me kid, I got you.

First thing’s first: grab your basics. I’m talking tee’s, jeans, and everything in between. A basic white tee and blue jeans outfit can be elevated with a few tricks. Cuff up your jeans a bit, I usually do a 1-inch cuff folded twice. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or sandals for a casual look OR ankle boots or heels for happy hour with girls or a hot date. Now for your tee-needs. Wear a neutral colored top or go for a color, it’s up to you! Make it interesting, tuck in the front of your tee to give your outfit a bit of styling, my go-to. Of you can cuff the sleeves a bit on a warmer day. Depending on  what your plans are, throw on a jacket for some extra flair. Try a cardigan or sweater for chillier day activities, or my personal fave: a leather jacket. And boom! You’ve got options for day and night looks, with only a few add-ons!

Next up is accessories. Throw on some jewels and baby you’ll be shining bright like a diamond. A statement or layered necklaces add so much more to an outfit than you can imagine. If necklaces aren’t your thing, try stacking bangles or rings. A little jewelry goes a long way, seriously. It could even be a watch and bracelets! Plus a watch makes you look *uber* professional (unless it has glitter or is a Disney princess watch).

Pops of color, in my opinion, are the ultimate key to be the trendiest smooth sailor. I prefer a colorful lipstick (red lips, hello), a pair of printed sneakers, or statement piece of clothing. Look like a high fashion model and rock a pair of printed pants, look street-style cool with a pair of Hawaiian print vans, or smack on that ruby red lipstick. A little burst of color goes a long way. If you’re like me and wear a ton of dark, neutrals, a pop of color makes you look a little more fun and less one-dimensional.

Fashion and style aren’t about owning the latest designer pieces, splurging on new pieces every season, or decking yourself out in a flashy manner each day. With a few playful pieces and a couple of basics, you’re still making a style statement. Remember: fashion is about following trends, style is about making it your own. Now let me see you rock it. (insert salsa dancing girl emoji)


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