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It’s hard to put into words what has been happening in my life lately. God knows it’s been months since my last post. So what have I been up to? I don’t even know. Life has been such an up-down, all around rollercoaster, but when isn’t it? All I know is that my eyes are always on one place: the prize.

The ups have been great. The downs, not so much. But what I keep reminding myself is that I’m doing everything for a reason. I work so hard, for a reason. I have dreams. Big dreams. HUGE dreams. Dreams I’ve carried since I was a little girl. Dreams that I continue to pursue no matter what, even when the naysayers say nay. That’s my motivation. That should be yours.

I’m no stranger to the confusion and doubt of life plans. I probably doubt my life plans on a daily basis, if not hourly basis. It’s hard to continue to go on when you get so much negativity coming your way, especially when it comes from yourself. What I’ve learned this past year is that you have to be your biggest cheerleader. Your biggest supporter. You have to have the confidence in you to continue to go on. It’s hard to continue you to push yourself. But if you don’t push yourself who will? People come and go, that’s a fact. It’s something I’ve dealt with my entire life. Yes, I do have those permanent people who support me today, but it’s still me. All me.

Find that confidence in yourself. Nothing will go smoothly unless you do. Confidence is such a powerful tool. It may be the most powerful tool that you hold. Especially to all my ladies out there. We have everything working against us. If you doubt yourself, everyone else will doubt you too. If you believe that you can do it. If you remind yourself that you can kick some serious ass, you will. All my ladies out there, I believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Have the confidence in your abilities. It will make you stronger.

Life, lately. It’s been tough. It will always be tough. Do what I do. Remind yourself how amazing you are on a daily basis. Write post-it notes with supportive saying and stick them all over. Write daily affirmations in your planner. Do what you need to. I think you’re awesome. You are awesome. Tell yourself how awesome you are daily because you are awesome. I hope you remember that, seriously.

The ups and downs will never go away. Keep yourself going by reminding yourself that you can. You have it in you to keep going. And in your moments of self-doubt? Remember this: I know you can keep going, and I believe in you, no matter what. I will always doubt myself, but then I will remember. I know I have it in me to do whatever I set my mind on.




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