The Loves of My Life: These NYFW Designers


Let’s get honest here, NYFW is my favorite, favorite, favorite, time of the year. Spring, Fall/Winter, I don’t care what season it is. I’d love to be in New York during the shows, let alone attend an actual show or showcase. Fashion Week is my favorite art exhibit, these magical creatures (models) strut their stuff in works of art. (Have you seen some of these pieces, they’re literally hand assembled: ART). Let me settle down now and show you some looks by my favorite designers, the ones I set alarms for so I could watch live streams of their shows, that’s not even an exaggeration. Shoutout to the official NYFW app for making it happen.

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Career Fairs: Let’s Get Tactical


There are so many reasons why I love writing and giving advice out about internships, resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc. But the most important reason is because no one teaches us about it. Seriously, I learned it all on my own or through my family (cause they all are government superstars more or less). I think it’s SO important to know how to be prepared for career fairs or applying for internships. I manage Tote Magazine’s internship applications and postings and let me tell you, no one knows how to do it all properly.

So I present to you, Looksharp (powering InternMatch)’s blog. I’ve been contributing to the blog for a little over a year and I really just want to help other students get all the opportunities they can get, because they do matter.

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