Ohhhh, Chicago!


I’m only like three weeks late, but I wanted to share my spring break vacation to Chicago! Chicago is such a cool city, I never really pictured myself there just because I’ve been so focused on going North to NYC and then abroad, but I can now say I would be 100% ok with living there for a bit. The reason I chose to  visit Chicago was to see a friend from my freshman year of college. She only stayed at our school for a semester and then decided to transfer home. I hadn’t seen her since then, and I’m always up for an adventure, so I figured why not?

The weather was so great during my visit. I was pleasantly surprised that they was no snow or rain at all during my visit. It did get a little windy and cold at times, but nothing I couldn’t handle.


It turns out St. Patrick’s Day is a big thing in Chicago because of the Irish population and a few of their mayors were Irish. I arrived the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day and the day of the river dying! Yes, they actually dye the river green (with vegetable dye) and it looks that green in person. Crazy, right?

IMG_6826The next part of my adventure was DEEP DISH! Giordano’s Pizza has the best deep dish in the city (according to my friend and my stomach). It’s a chain, but the BEST chain in the city. Honestly, it was so good. We had spinach deep dish, a Greek salad, and mozzarella squares (like sticks but fresh mozzarella fried). I could eat this meal again. I’m actually craving it right now and getting so hungry just from thinking about it.

IMG_6851Next we went to Millennium Park to the Cloud Gate and the BEAN! Why does Chicago have a bean sculpture? Who knows, but it’s so cool.

IMG_6845The inside of it so cool, I took so many pictures just of the ceiling. If you go to the Bean, you have to take pictures underneath, not just in front of it.

IMG_6843You should probably indulge in a selfie or two, like my friend Rubi and I did.


The next day, we went to Shedd Aquarium. I haven’t been to an aquarium in forever, so it was great. We got to watch a live show and walk around the different exhibits. They have huge stingrays at Shedd, they freaked me out a bit.

IMG_6875The view outside of Shedd was pretty too. Since we were right by the water, the skyline looks cool.

IMG_6896One of my favorite parts of the trip was going up Sears (or Willis) Tower and stepping out on the SkyDeck. It’s 103 floors up the building and you can see the entire city. It costs $20 to go up, but it’s so worth it.

IMG_6919We went up during sunset, which was entirely coincidental. I can’t even put into words how beautiful it was up there.

IMG_6914You can either walk around the entire floor, our go out onto one of the two glass balconies. It is a little scary, and if you’re afraid of heights, I would be especially wary, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

IMG_6976Right after my friend and I took our pictures, we took pictures for other people behind us. She took pictures of this guy who went up by himself and I took pictures for a couple. The girl was scared to get out on the balcony, but we coaxed/convinced her it was worth it, good thing we did. I took a few of them smiling and showed them what I took. The man asked me if I would take one more after they looked at them. I went and assumed my photographer position and he reached in his pocket and got down on one knee. He proposed to her on the SkyDeck and I got pictures of the entire ordeal. It was so magical and I was so happy I could be a part of their engagement. I got some great pictures too. Apparently it happens all the time, but I was just so happy and honored I got to help them.

IMG_6967Next we spent almost our entire day in Wicker Park, which is this artsy, hip neighborhood. This was one of my favorites too.

IMG_6940My love for food is so real (everyone should know that). So if you go to Chicago, you MUST try a doughnut from Glazed and Infused. I got the maple bacon (not pictured) and the chocolate almond, salted caramel (pictured). They were both SO good. The cake part is perfect and fluffy and every flavor is perfect.

IMG_6953It wouldn’t be any adventure with me if I didn’t stop at a coffee shop. This vanilla bean latte is from the Wormhole Cafe in Wicker Park. The cafe has such a cool atmosphere, I wish I took a picture inside. The latte was really strong and wholesome. This latte was neat because they actually ground up vanilla bean at the bottom before putting in the espresso and milk.

IMG_6943Also on my list was the Myopic Bookstore in Wicker Park. It had three levels and shelves full of books. I could have gotten lost in there for hours if I wanted to.


My friend lives in Lincoln Park, so that’s where we stayed during my trip. It’s an interesting area too! We got cupcakes from Molly’s (so good, I recommend) and Korean food from a little restaurant. My favorite part about LP was the Urban Outfitters outlet. Almost everything was $5 and they had an endless supply of clothes. I didn’t go too crazy because I had to pack it all, but I wanted to.

IMG_6982And that was my spring break adventure in Chicago. I have a newfound love for this city. I will definitely be back. Maybe during the summer for Lollapalooza!

Where did you go for spring break? Have you ever been to Chicago? What were some of your favorite parts? Let me know!

Dreaming of spring break city adventures,

xxx emily


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