New Year, Same Eating Habits


I know it’s been a while since my last post, I’m sorry. Time has escaped me and Netflix has taken me hostage, willingly of course. I was busy winter break completing my reading list and eating my way through Georgetown and other local finds. So now, I’ve finally come up for some air.

I’m a firm believer in happiness because of food. Why wouldn’t you pay good money (within reason) for good food? That’s exactly what I did, a little too much if I’m honest, but I wouldn’t regret it one bit.


One of my favorite stops over break was Dean & Deluca in Georgetown. It’s like a little market with a coffee bar. It was on my way to work, so I usually stopped in for a vanilla latte and morning glory muffin. Oh how I miss those muffins and all the delicious smells inside.


Olivia Macaron is a must-eat in Georgetown for me. If you haven’t been there yet, you have to stop there. It’s the only macaron bakery in DC and it will not disappoint. Sure there are many places that sell macarons also, but this is an entire bakery dedicated to macarons, how cool! They have great seasonal flavors like pink peppercorn or champagne, but my personal favorite is Lady Grey, hence the reason I have two above. If I could eat a macaron every day for the rest of my life, I’d be able to die happy without a doubt.


I also made sure I had lots of good sushi. I was on a sushi kick almost all of break (still on this kick), but it was worth it. Not everyone is a fan of sushi, so I am more than happy to have their share.


My last major eat before the year ended was Georgetown Cupcakes. It may not be my favorite cupcake in Georgetown, or DC, but they were still delicious. Mine was the one on the left, chocolate covered strawberry which was the not on the menu flavor of the day. If you follow Georgetown Cupcakes on any of their social media accounts, they post a not on the menu flavor daily that is for free to the first 100 guests who request it. It’s a fun little mystery!


I also stopped at CremCaffe to catch up with a friend I hadn’t hung out with in a while, and can I say yum? I had a chocolate croissant and the CremCaffe special which was like a caramel latte topped with whipped cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

IMG_6322No break would be complete without a trip to NYC. I didn’t document much of my eating experience, I know shocker, except for my latte from Cafe Grumpy. I found the cafe from a Buzzfeed list, I’m obsessed I know. The cafe was located in Chelsea, a borough of NYC that I hadn’t ventured to, so it was fun! I also had a mouthwatering black and white cookie that reminded me that I have never had a better one than in New York.

IMG_6410 IMG_6394_2

Lastly is my favorite best kept secret, Cunningham’s Cafe and Bakery. I’ll probably eat there even after my friends graduate and I move out of Maryland. Everything on their menu is good, they even expanded it so I have more to love. My favorite part of this trip was the nutella latte. They make the nutella syrup in house and it is creamy and perfect. Their croissant was perfectly flakey too.

I know I’ll have plenty more food adventures to share before 2015 ends, probably way too many to tell. Food just happens to be one of my favorite things! Stay tuned for a new post later this week, I wrote a recipe (sort of) for you!

How has your New Year been so far? Share your food stories with me!

Even though it’s a month late, happy 2015.




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