40 Things That Are Better Than Having a Boyfriend


A collage of some of my favorite girls.

In the opinion of my and my girls: who runs the word? GIRLS.

Not having a boyfriend isn’t the end of the world. Of course I say that being single my entire life, yes I actually mean my entire life, but that doesn’t make me any less true. There are so many pluses to having a significant other, but there’s also pluses to being single. Gather up your girls, or your guys, bring everyone together and just have a grand ol’ time. Life isn’t easy, but being happy is simple. There are going to be things in your life that will make you happy and things that will make you sad.

This is a list of 40 things that, to me and my girls, are better than having a boyfriend. Not that we don’t want boyfriends, but because we know how to live without them.

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