Trending on Campus


Colleges are a great place to try out trends and to spot what could be the new “it” look. With so many different personalities, you will get to see so many different fashion styles. I’m inspired by seeing what different kinds of people wear.

Once in a while, you’ll see one specific trend hitting a majority of the campus. Flannel and combat boots were the most common trend that I saw everywhere. They can be worn in different ways and are adaptive to each fashion style.

Now that spring has emerged, sneakers have found their dance on the campus routes. White and unbleached white converse have been spotted all over my campus. They’re versatile, easy to walk in, and simple.


On chilly days, you can wear converse with leggings or jeans. Make sure your socks are low enough so they don’t show, but it also isn’t a huge deal. Your ankle will be exposed, but I think that is fine.


If you wear high-top converse, make sure your bottoms can tuck into the shoes, or you can cuff them.


I love pairing converse with boyfriend jeans that are cuffed. It’s a comfy and casual outfit that you can easily dress up with a cute top.

But since it is spring, break out your shorts, dresses, and skirts. Don’t worry, converse look great with them too!


Converse will give your outfit a playful feel. They make the outfit simple, but still prepared enough to go out somewhere after class.


If you’re wearing a dress with your converse, make sure the dress is long enough (of course) and that you have a bit of white somewhere in it. You can do an all black and white look with statement pieces like the picture above, or a simple colored dress!


If you’re daring, you can wear knee socks with your converse. They beef up your look and make you look grungy.

x6uorh-iWhatever you do, make your outfit comfortable. The shoes don’t have to be the star of the outfit, but they’re an essential piece. Go out with your girls, hit a study session in the library, or go to class. You can do it all in your converse.



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