32 Thing Only My Best Friends Understand

A little collage from my Freshman days.

It gets a little crazy, it gets a little wild, friendship stands, no matter, all worth the while.

I love these numbered articles that have been circling the internet lately (shoutout to Buzzfeed for their unlimited supply). The ones that really strike me are the ones that have evoked some kind of emotion or memory. These, to me, are priceless and something that my best friends and I (no matter at what point in my life we were best friends) will always remember.

So here’s my take on one of these. Hope you think of something that will make you smile like I am right now.

1. The saying you come up with that make you sound crazy to everyone else, but never stop you from laughing.

2. The articles of clothing that memories cling to, and your own ways to erase the memories.

3. Same goes for snack foods.

4. They know how exactly how I take me coffee, or the different ones we all like.

5. The unspoken breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack rituals that we’ll never tire of.

6. The way we can wear almost matching outfits out to looking like we belong to different friend groups from one night to the next.

7. There’s always one who gets dressed up no matter where we go, and one who wears sweats. There’s barely an in between.

8. The group activities that we need to make us happy.

9. And also that there is no limit to these activities even if the sales associate knows our names.

10. The stories that they know and can use to embarrass you without complete utter humiliation.

11. When and when it is not appropriate to cuddle/smother/show affection.

12. You will always have a partner for any daunting errand, food run, or pace around no matter what time of day.

13. What to get for you even when you ask for nothing (food, clothes, etc.).

14. Ranting has no ends, until you say shut up, lets get food.

15. If a Law and Order: SVU marathon is on, we watch. No exceptions.

16. If you can’t watch your favorite show together, you text during commercial breaks.

17. They know your strengths and weaknesses and how to work around them.

18. You say jump, they say how high (to the nearest Starbucks).

19. You don’t have to have the same taste in music, but you always seem to have a favorite song in their favorite genre.

20. What words evoke emotion, or an act (dinosaurs=big head, little arms).

21. Their rules seem to follow you everywhere, no matter how far apart you are.

22. Every friend has a quirk: nerd, dork, jock, etc. But you love them for it anyways

23. No outfit is complete without their approval, even if they pick the entire outfit out themselves.

24. Borrowing their clothes becomes only a courtesy. Their closet is your closet, and if there are tags, its called shopping.

25. They always seem to know what’s bothering you, even when you don’t want to talk about it.

26. They know how to talk you down, or talk you up, no matter how you’re feeling.

27. You have your vices, they have theirs, they always somehow seem to overlap.

28. Loves come and go, they’ll always be by your side no matter who’s fault it was.

29. Fights are short lived. Shouting is good for you, but what’s better is to get it off your chest.

30. They know why you’re guarded about certain things and know when to pry and push.

31. No matter what happens, time or distance, the friendship is always there and a phone call is the easiest solution.

32. When times seem rough, they stand tall for you.


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