32 Thing Only My Best Friends Understand

A little collage from my Freshman days.

It gets a little crazy, it gets a little wild, friendship stands, no matter, all worth the while.

I love these numbered articles that have been circling the internet lately (shoutout to Buzzfeed for their unlimited supply). The ones that really strike me are the ones that have evoked some kind of emotion or memory. These, to me, are priceless and something that my best friends and I (no matter at what point in my life we were best friends) will always remember.

So here’s my take on one of these. Hope you think of something that will make you smile like I am right now. Continue reading


NYC Adventure

Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been battling projects, assignments, a social life, and midterms before finally settling into Spring Break. That’s no excuse since I’ve been seriously slacking on this blog. I don’t have a topic to share this week, but instead a little fun! I went to New York City on Friday for a day trip and had a blast. Below are some pictures and tidbits I want to share with you!

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