Punk is back, Alright?

The punk trend has taken over the runway (Photo Courtesy of Fashionising.com)

The punk trend has taken over the runway (Photo Courtesy of Fashionising.com)

The rock star rule over leather, studs, boots, and rips is coming to an end as the punk style is spreading beyond nights onstage to days in the city running errands. Instead of the coveted look being only for those of the punk type, anyone can join in, but now with a glam punk rock hit as a new fashion trend.

The punk rock star lifestyle is stereotyped as one of babes and booze, unfaithfulness, and gallivanting around cities. The side of the rocker life that people do not see is the sleepless nights, countless hours on the road, and the constant pressure from people all across the world. Leather jackets, tattered tees, soft flannels, ripped jeans, heavy boots, dark makeup, and a ‘I hate everyone’ attitude may describe the rocker attitude, but there’s a way to dress the part without having to act upon it. The lifestyle isn’t attached to the style, but it doesn’t hurt to play a little dress up sometimes, right?

The key essentials for this trend include leather, rips, studs, a play of extremes (like neon and dark colors), see through clothing, harsh graphics, lots of skin, and daring accessories. A simple way to incorporate a little punk in your life is to go for the leather jacket, graphic tee, ripped skinny jeans, and leather combat boots. Makeup and accessories consist of red lipstick, dark eye makeup, stacks of rings, and studded ear piercings. That’s the simple version.

According to Fashionising.com’s article “The Return of punk and how to do it now,” you need to wear studs, heavy boots, plaids, and fierce accessories. To their list, I will be adding leather and different elements that make specific pieces relevant to the trend.

Studs can seem a little daunting, but it’s all about balance, like most things. Fashionising.com suggests that studs “in the mix alongside an array of tailored pieces, a leather biker jacket, a pair of sexy pointy heels, a top them off with a messy bun and a toned-down make-up and you get a timeless look with a subtle punk appeal.” This is a great example of introducing the trend into your style, without it taking over. Studs look great when that piece is the star of the outfit, studs should not cover your entire body, that’s probably a safety hazard.

Heavy boots are no longer reserved for construction workers and rain; bust out the chunkiest pair you own and get ready to stomp around. The most popular boots that the trend entails are combat boots, Doc Martens, and biker boots; any of these instantly punk up any outfit. An easy way to rock the trend with these shoes is with skinny jeans or leather pants, and if you’re daring, with a quilted mini or a plaid shift dress. Take a feminine look and add a pair of boots for an updated, fashion forward glam look to the punk style. A tough pair of boots will give you an instant punk look, beefing up your outfit.

Plaids have been around with and without the trend, but with their new edgy  look, it’s hard to forget about them. Plaid flannels are finding their way with the trend, giving an outfit a casual look without all the lumberjack jokes. Plaids break up the monotone of blacks and grays, giving a pattern to look at. Try a plaid shirt with tattered skinny jeans, heavy boots, and a sleek blazer. If you want to try something really bold, go for a plain dress or skinny pants, you’ll pop and resemble the fashion savvy.

This spiked out ring may be dangerous, but will add the punk to any outfit. (Photo Courtesy of Glamour UK)

This spiked out ring may be dangerous, but will add the punk to any outfit. (Photo Courtesy of Glamour UK)

When fierce accessories are involved, the punk trend says too little doesn’t exist. Jewelry for this trend is easy: go with spikes, bullets, cuffs, anything you think is edgy. Ear cuffs with chains seem daunting, but go for them, they’re fun. Pile of the statement rings, go for the midi rings, or the double fingered rings, they’ll give your outfit attitude. For purses and scarves, take the ideas listed above like plaids, studs, leather, and you have your answer.

Wearing leather is all about the balance. Leather does not go with everything, so make sure it works with the pieces you pair it with. You have options such as a leather jacket, leather pants, a leather dress or skirt, or leather accessories. The trick with leather is to know how you want the leather to mix with what you are wearing. If you want to fulfill the punk look, I’d pair a leather piece with dark colors, a bold plaid, and plenty of punk-toned accessories. Be daring and try a leather mini with a crop top and cropped jacket. Or take an easy pair of leather pants to a plaid shirt and studded blazer. Leather is so versatile; you can take anything to it.

Any easy way to spot something that resembles the punk trend is to look for studs or some kind of metal hammered into it, rips, tears, acid wash, and a mix of grunge material (like leather). Graphic tops may not seem exactly punk, but that’s because they’re not. You can take the top and transform them with a rocking pair of leather pants or a leather jacket. This is a casual, easy way to take something outside of the trend, but still mesh it to work. Remember, anything can fit with a trend to an extent, if you think you can make it work, it doesn’t hurt to try.

To me, the punk trend is fun. Fashion is meant for you to try on a costume, become someone different, and I believe that with this trend, it is easy. Depending on where you are going with an outfit inspired by this trend, you can pull it off. The punk trend works great with concerts (depending on the music genre of course), a night out (hello, leather mini?), a day running errands (the boots are surprisingly comfy), or just a comfy day in (ripped leggings and a flannel shouts comfort). Some women would not agree, however, because the nature of this trend is for a younger demographic. You would not be able to really wear this trend in an office setting, depending on where you worked, or to a fancy dinner. This trend does lend a playful side, letting you play dress up. Combat boots are a major part of this trend, which people are taking too really well. On college campuses, girls are donning these boots for their daily classroom days and even on nights out. Leather gives an illusion of sexiness, and rips show off a bit of skin, what’s not to love about showing off a bit of your daring side? Of course, a more reserved person would find it difficult to fit this trend because it is for those wanting to explore more of a bold look. Women should try this trend out. Leather isn’t too dangerous, testing out a leather jacket is safe. Taking steps to this trend, or just even adapting it in pieces is still taking this trend into your personal style. Most women love this trend because it is so easy and different than a traditional colorblocking or sporty look. The idea of becoming someone different with one look is fascinating and worth exploring.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, men are mixed with this trend. Like women, depending on the crowd, opinions obviously differ. For the most part, men are questionable about this trend. Yes punk-rock bands and fans are all about this look since it is a part of their culture, but the daily man questions the hardcore elements this trend entails. The trend does break down boundaries, but also tackles a “who cares” attitude. Hints of the trend do have men calling, for example leather and bearing of skin, but others show disgust. Punk takes on heavy makeup, colors, and fabric, something that might scare men. A complete adaptation of the trend may scare men in your life off, but if it fits you, then go for it. Like most things, moderation is key, but not all men will enjoy even that. Spikes, studs, and chains will seem daunting, heavy boots will be loud, and rips and harsh materials will send off danger signs, but that’s what punk wants. If a man likes the trend, then go for it. Punk is fashion’s most rebellious trend. All the leather and heavy metal will make you look like a badass, and men will realize this.

Overall, you audience will decide how heavily you should take on this trend. Punk is easy to adapt and a persona you can transform yourself into. Take this style in stride and show off your inner rocker, no matter where she is hiding. Take chances and dare to explore this trend, its fun; I promise.


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