Peplum for All

The peplum trend on the runway, more avant-guarde than what we see in stores. (Photo Courtesy of Fashion Tag)

The peplum trend on the runway, more avant-guarde than what we see in stores. (Photo Courtesy of Fashion Tag)

When peplums are mentioned, both sexes tend to be confused. Not everyone is fashion savvy, especially when a word like peplum is concerned. According to, peplum is “a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc.” Peplum has found its way into the closets of women everywhere as skirts, dresses, tops, etc. Peplum is an easy way to dress up a simple outfit with one touch. Instead of a jeans and t-shirt comfortable outfit, a peplum top and jeans is dressier, but still comfortable. Today, it seems that price and comfort level are high factors in deciding on purchasing clothing items. It’s not difficult to find cheap peplum items from stores like Target or Forever 21, or if you want better quality, well-made items, stores like Express and Nordstrom.

A peplum top is a mix of casual with dressy.

A peplum top is a mix of casual with dressy. (Photo Courtesy of Fashion Tag)

The key to making peplum tops work are simple bottoms like jeans, a basic skirt, or slim pants. With the colder weather, you’re bound to wear bolder colored tops; so dark bottoms are the best option. Depending on the occasion, shoe pairing differs. If you are out and about during the day, tall boots with jeans or pants would work, but so would ballet flats. You could also wear ballet flats with skirts, but if you wear a skirt for a dressier, going out look, heels would look best.

Peplum skirts and dresses are just as simple as the tops. For a peplum skirt, do the same thing you would for a top, but instead in reverse. Wear a simple top because the skirt ruffle is the star. You can throw on a sparkly belt or accessorize as you please, but its not needed to make the outfit. Peplum skirts and dresses can even make their appearance in the office setting. They are appropriate and comfortable enough to wear in the office, and trendy so you won’t look boring. Again, heels or ballet flats can be paired with both, depending on the occasion.

The peplum trend has been around for years, and rightly so. They accentuate a woman’s waist and curves, and for women who do not have curves, they create them. Peplums are a silhouette meaning to accentuate the middle part of a woman’s body. The bad thing about peplums is that only a certain body type can wear the trend. It is limiting because although women with curves can wear this top, the body type must be lean to an extent. Also, women with a long torso look different in peplums than women with an average torso length. The ruffle of the peplum will not hit the right spot on your body, therefore changing the proportions. The peplum look does make an outfit look effortless, which is a big plus for some women. In “Peplum- A Trend That Never Dies! Enough Already or Thank God?” by The Fashion Tag, they said, “Peplum has got that understated elegance and classic vibe to it.” The entire post centers on how versatile and great the author believes the peplum trend is. She goes even further calling it not a trend, but something that will be around forever, almost like prints, florals, and navy.

The first thing men ask when they hear the word peplum is, “What is a peplum?” Peplum isn’t a common word, especially to men that aren’t fashion-savvy, but similar to women. So men are often confused when hearing the word, however, once seeing the trend with their own eyes, they call it a piece with a ruffle. Although men make no sense of the name, they do like the trend. Men appreciate the slenderness and attention the pieces give to women’s bodies. Because of its bodice, it shows off the body, which men love. The peplum element adds curves to the women’s body, accentuating the exact elements men love. Men love seeing a woman’s body and with peplums, the body is highlighted. With the peplum pieces, the body is shown off, without the skin shown. As much as men may love seeing skin, a peplum shows off the curves and figure of a woman, without all the skin.

Peplums are a trend that may be along forever or for a short time, regardless, they are a trend that many can appreciate. Women love the trend for its classic look and appreciation for the body, while men love the attention to the body. Peplums may not be everyone, or just for the acquired taste, but overall, the trend works. I love the look of peplums and the way it makes the body curvier. Peplums do not work for me because of my long torso and legs, but I love how they give an effortless look to most women. Peplum tops are easy to wear out for college women, peplum skirts are a great way to give a new look to a business outfit, peplum dresses are perfect for red carpet events, or just a party. Peplums offer so many options depending on where you are going, or how you want to look.


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